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Stadiums represent one of the most challenging settings for MNOs who have been struggling to provide sufficient data capacity to fans. Initially, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) were deployed in order to provide 2G and voice coverage and data capacity. But these systems were overwhelmed by the tremendous growth in data traffic, driven by smartphones and mobile laptops and tablets. MNOs are looking at all the tools in their toolkit to address this data capacity challenge. The model can be used to analyze various environments, such as train stations, convention centers, race tracks, college campuses, enterprise environments, subways, and special events venues, where there is a high density of broadband users.

The WiROI™ Venue Tool simulates the impact of tens of thousands of users using smartphones in a venue and aids MNOs in determining whether to deploy a Wi-Fi network or an LTE Small Cell network, or both in combination, in order to provide sufficient data capacity The WiROI™ Tool can be used to project data growth over a 10-year period to help analyze how a network could be deployed to meet the growing needs of users. The Tool can also be used to model revenue scenarios, allowing operators to analyze how they can best monetize the investment in venue networks, and provide a complete return on investment analysis.

Wireless 20/20 has leveraged their in-depth knowledge based on over 60 engagements with 3G/4G operators to create their newest version -- the WiROI™ Venue Tool.

WiROI™ Venue Business Case Analysis Tool

The WiROI™ Venue Tool allows MNOs and venue owners to calculate the impact on OpEx and CapEx, as well as visualize the impact of offloading traffic from the LTE 4G network to a Wi-Fi or LTE Small Cell network. The WiROI™ Venue Tool has the additional capability to analyze the tradeoffs of offloading to a Wi-Fi network compared to an LTE Small Cell network, allowing MNOs to analyze the most efficient deployment, determine the investment required, and to optimize their configuration of the offload network to maximize ROI.

The WiROI™ Venue Tool can estimate the capacity requirements over a 10-year period by simulating subscriber growth and changing usage patterns. This model can then be used to effectively plan a technology roadmap to help ensure that the network deployed does not quickly become obsolete.

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Presentation: Modeling Connected Public Venues

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