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Broadband Recovery Act Applications Make Extensive Use of the WiROI™ Tool

“But For” Criteria Demonstrated Through Simulations and Forms Generated for NTIA-BTOP and USDA-BIP Proposals Streamline the Application Process.

New Windsor , NY – September 11, 2009 – Wireless 20/20, LLC (www.wireless2020.com), a leader in broadband wireless consulting and the developer of the industry-leading WiROI™ Business Case Analysis Tool, announced today that its award-winning WiROI™ Tool was used in the preparation of multiple first-round Broadband Recovery Act applications. The “But For” criteria demonstrated through the financial simulations and forms generated by the WiROI™ Tool streamlined the application preparation process.

The company had previously announced the availability of enhanced tools, financial models and strategic planning services specific to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) that would give clients the insight needed to make strategic decisions to prepare proposals for the Broadband Recovery Act applications for submission to the US Departments of Agriculture, Commerce and Energy. The result, the WiROI™ ARRA Business Case Analysis Tool was used by 10 municipalities and operators to build and validate business cases detailing their financial needs, outlining the financial return of their proposal, demonstrating the “but for” criteria, strengthening their applications.

The WiROI™ ARRA Tool generates the various forms required for these applications based upon the results of simulations and analysis. Given the aggressive timeline established by the Broadband Recovery Act and the resulting first-round Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) the WiROI™ ARRA Tool saved clients weeks of work in preparing and improving the quality of proposal applications. “We couldn’t have done it without the help of the Wireless 20/20 team.” said Paul Coerkamp, CEO of UJet Holding, who has filed an application to cover the unserved and underserved parts of Puerto Rico. “Wireless 20/20 understood the keys to success for our business case and helped us pull together all of the key financial attachments for our application.”

“We are pleased to have helped numerous clients with their applications.” said Haig Sarkissian, Principal Consultant at Wireless 20/20, “The second round applications are due in December, and our experience and proven tools will undoubtedly help even more clients prepare for this next challenge.”

The WiROI™ ARRA Business Case Analysis Tool models the effects of federal grant subsidies and loan funding on proposed broadband networks and services, resulting in a 10-year business case for the application. The WiROI™ ARRA Tool simplifies generation of a complete proposal, demonstrating the incremental impact of federal stimulus funding. It generates the forms required by the Broadband Recovery Act application including, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows forms, as well as the Broadband Subscriber Estimates and Other Services for VoIP and Video. The WiROI™ Tool GUI models numerous assumptions and scenarios, validating the viability and sustainability of a proposal, accelerating the broadband stimulus proposal development. The WiROI™ Tool also evaluates the CapEx and OpEx needs of the access and core networks, builds a revenue model for the services to be offered, and returns comprehensive financial outputs that include a 10-year income statement, from which the required 5-year statements are generated.

Wireless 20/20 will be presenting case studies of Broadband Recovery Act applications and demonstrating the WiROI™ ARRA Tool during the upcoming 4G World Conference in Chicago. An online, interactive demonstration of the WiROI™ ARRA Business Case Analysis Tool can be test driven at the Wireless 20/20 website (www.wireless2020.com).

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Wireless 20/20 is an independent market research and consulting company focused solely on the emerging broadband wireless market. Our principals have been engaged in the wireless industry since its inception and have gained a thorough understanding of the technical, business and product issues surrounding the development of wireless devices, equipment, networks and services. For more information visit: www.wireless2020.com.


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Media Contact:
Robin Bestel


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