Magnus Johansson
Position: Principal Consultant
Phone: +1-408-884-1561

Mr. Johansson brings 15 years of senior management operations experience in fixed and wireless broadband telecommunications. Throughout his career at BellSouth (AT&T), Cable and Wireless Caribbean, Digicel Group Caribbean, and Yota del Peru he has utilized his financial, technical, and commercial acumen to select the right market opportunities, implementing the most appropriate technology platforms enabling a competitive advantage while creating unique, sustainable and profitable businesses.

Mr. Johansson has successfully orchestrated complex multimillion-dollar global acquisitions, new start-up operations, and business restructurings with focus on achieving maximum ROI. He excels at defining and aligning marketing, sales, business strategies, resources, and value propositions to maximize financial performance and build customer loyalty in challenging market environments. Mr. Johansson has conducted technical trials of multiple 3G+ and 4G networks and concluded commercial negotiations with Tier 1 vendors. He has secured over $100M from shareholders to build out fixed line ADSL and 4G networks in the Caribbean and South America, with each 4G network in the Caribbean commanding a 25%-30% market share of the broadband market within its first 12 months of operation. He has also acquired five 4G licenses through auctions in the Caribbean and Latin America with a market value of over $50M.

Prior to joining Wireless 20/20, Mr. Johansson was General Manager at Yota del Peru. His previous experiences include, Group Director of Next Generation Broadband and IP Services at Digicel, and VP of Broadband and IP Services at Cable and Wireless. He holds a B.A. in Education and B.S. in Graphic Design and Multimedia.

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