Ryan Ingersoll
Software Position: GIS Specialist and Software Developer
Email: ryan@wireless2020.com
Phone: +1 408-884-1561

Ryan Ingersoll is a Geospatial Analyst and Software Developer with extensive experience in location data analysis, fiber network mapping, and geospatial analysis of large datasets. In this role, Ryan works with the Wireless 20|20 software development team to continuously enhance the functionality of the WiROI™ db SQL database and add new features and functions.

Ryan is using AI algorithms to automatically map and analyze the optimal way of connecting un-cabled dwellings with fiber networks and generate the necessary data for network cost estimation using proprietary aerial and underground analysis techniques.

Ryan enjoys software development with a focus on database programming for telecommunications applications. He has seven years of experience in wireless communication for public safety and five years of software development specializing in C# and Asp.Net.

Ryan has worked in gaming software development and enjoys problem-solving, continuously learning new client engagement. He always likes the rewarding feeling of completing difficult and challenging tasks.

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