Ardzvi Gosdanian
Software Position: GIS Data Analyst
Phone: +1 408-884-1561

Ardzvi joined the Wireless 20|20 software development team as a GIS Data Analyst to create Excel data books and build interactive graphical user interfaces for WiROI™ Dashboards.

Ardzvi has been creating Interactive Business Intelligence dashboards to support clients in spectrum auction simulations. He developed the US and Canadian Spectrum dashboard using Squirrel365.

Adrzvi studies Math, Physics, Aircraft technology, Aerodynamics, Airframe, Jet Engines, and technical drawing. With a background in Aircraft mechanics, Ardzvi studies English & Communications at the American University of Armenia. He then focused his interests on GIS Mapping and helps Wireless 20/20 clients with major QGIS projects analyzing wired and wireless networks, working with telecommunication companies helping analyze best areas to expand the coverage of their broadband networks.

He also completed the Creative Spark entrepreneurship program sponsored by the British council, building strong teamwork and cooperation skills when formulating possible business solutions and creating successful start-up businesses within diverse global fields.

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