Hasmik Mikaelyan
Software Position: Senior Software Development Engineer
Email: hasmik@wireless2020.com
Phone: +1-408-884-1561

Hasmik is an experienced Software Development Engineer who leads the Wireless 20|20 software development team developing the new WiROI™ db Geospatial SaaS Platform. Hasmik leads a team that continuously enhances the functionality of the WiROI™ db SQL database, supports clients, and adds new features and functions.

The WiROI™ db Tool combines the latest FCC Broadband dataset with an extensive US address database in an easy-to-use software package, giving clients the ability to identify, search, filter, sort, connect locations and extract maps and data for use in grant applications, to help operators select the best places to deploy fiber and wireless broadband networks and to support investors making broadband infrastructure investment decisions.

She is also leading the development of future WiROI™ db releases with many new features and functionality leveraging AI and big data analytics to help telecommunication companies analyze the best areas to expand the coverage of their broadband networks.

Hasmik has PhD, MS, and BA degrees in Mathematics and Mechanics from Yerevan State University. She is both driven and self-motivated and constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques. She currently develops software in both languages C# and Python, though primarily using C# as the main language. She is also experienced in both front-end and back-end web development and she is proficient in client-side and server-side technologies such as Asp.Net Core, EF Core, Web API, Blazor WebAssembly. She is also proficient in MS SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite database systems.

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